Why use this service?

Have you ever had a question for a psychologist but did not want to come in to ask it? We understand that there is a large part of the population for whom face to face appointments are not possible. For others, they may feel they are too busy, feel uncomfortable with coming in or live too far from Sydney to access our services. Therefore, we have created a unique online Q & A service that is designed to provide everyone a chance to ask a child psychologist a question regarding his/her child, adolescent and/or parenting.

What to do?

Please enter your details into the online form below to submit your question. Please enter a reasonable amount of detail so that your question can be effectively addressed. You will receive a reply within one business day from the manager letting you know we have received your question and she will allocate a psychologist to your query. We match psychologists to questions – taking into consideration the psychologist’s particular area of expertise. If you have a particular psychologist in mind, we will do our best to accommodate this.


We review your question for its suitability for our service. We will advise you by email if we can answer your question. There will be a single fee of $70 AUD payable upon this acceptance of your question. We have found that most questions take approximately 30 minutes of the psychologist’s time.

If clarification of an aspect of the psychologist’s answer is required, this will be included in the initial fee. However, if the question is particularly complex or if more correspondence is required, we will let you know if an additional fee of $70 AUD will need to be charged to cover the psychologist’s time (we let you know before commencing the answer so you can decide if this is okay with you).

Questions are normally answered by email within 48 hours of allocation.